How to Create And Display Ads on WordPress

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve already experienced an ad through WordPress. In fact, more than 25% of the world’s websites run on the free site building platform.

That’s an estimated 75 million websites!

And whether you’re creating a site for your personal use or for a business, advertising on your site can bring in thousands of dollars every month.

Sound good? Well then keep reading, we’re telling you how to set up and display ads using a WordPress ad manager.

Finding The Right WordPress Ad Manager Plugin

Before you can become the next Don Draper, you’ll want to find a plugin that you like. There’s a bit of good news and bad news here.

The good news is that there’s no shortage of plugins to choose from. Plugins like Simple Ads Manager and AdRotate are free and readily available. All you have to do is download and install.

The bad news is that since there are so many plugins, you’ll need to spend some time finding one that looks right for your site. We suggest AdRotate, as it’s easiest to install and features a pretty simple interface.

However, your mileage may vary, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

Creating Ads

Now that you have your great new plugin ready to go, it’s time to start creating some ads and making some money! Whichever plugin you chose, you’ll likely find its settings within the admin section.

Once you’re at the admin page, head to your plugin’s section and click ‘Add New’ or ‘Create New’. A small box should pop up with some text and an empty field for shortcode.

But you don’t need to be a web design genius to create shortcode. A simple search should get you results for all of the ad elements you’re after.

Construct Creative Copy

Now it’s time to come up with the meat of your ad, the copy. Try and keep things short and sweet. The perfect bit of copy is concise, punchy, and to the point.

Think about your audience and the language they use. Do you want to go more casual, or is your ad more rigid and professional?

Pay attention to ads that you find effective and try and replicate them. Think about the unique elements within those ads that really connect with you and make you want to purchase that good or service.

Add Your Image

Whether you’re creating a banner ad, a floating form, or just a simple sidebar ad, you’re going to need a great image. Once you’ve found the perfect image for your ad, simply upload it like you would any other photo.

It should be available to select within your plugin. Just add it to your image and you’re good to go.

Displaying Your Ads

You’re almost ready to monetize your site! All that’s left to do is come up with a rotation schedule. Do you want your audience to see the same ad every time they visit your site? Or should there be various ads that change upon every refresh?

If it’s the latter, don’t forget to group your ads together once you’ve created them individually. That way you can select things like placement, rotation, and size.

Final Thoughts on Ads With WordPress Ad Manager

Assuming you’ve followed these steps, your gorgeous new ad should be ready for the world to see. All that’s left is to test the ad for yourself and enjoy raking in the dough.

About the Author Janice Kennedy