Differences Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

It is surprising to see how many people don’t know the difference between shared and dedicated hosting. We have decided to educate you about some of the most obvious differences between these two hosting types because everyone should know this. If you want to create your own website, then you should read through this article carefully because you might learn something new that will be helpful in the future.

Storage Sharing

Post8aThis is the one thing that we must not forget about because this is the main difference between these two hosting types. The shared hosting servers are different from dedicated ones because they are offering a server for more than one client. That means that on one server you will find more websites. If you use a shared server, you will have to deal with the fact that your information’s are on the same storage space with another person. However, the other person will not have permission to see or use your files, but he can affect the function of the server. The servers of shared hosting are more often clogging up because one of the websites is using up a lot of CPU and RAM and the other websites cannot function properly because of it.

Post8bWith the dedicated servers, there are no such problems because the entire server will be dedicated to you only. Meaning you have all the space just for yourself. Of course, the CPU, RAM, and other things are also only working for you. that’s why people are usually preferring to use dedicated servers, especially if they have heavy traffic that a regular shared server cannot handle. The dedicated servers have one more important feature and that is the ability to customize them. That means you will be able to add space or RAM if you need at any point.

Security Levels

Post8cOne thing that is important for people is the security and it is very different with these two types of hosting. Let’s start with the shared hosting because there is not much to talk about. Unfortunately, the security on shared hosting servers is not that great. Of course, they have some level of security, but that is not nearly enough to protect all of the users. The problem with shared hosting servers is that if one of the users get a malicious file inside the server, all the other websites will be affected by it. In some cases, if one of the users is a spammer, all the other users will be affected.

With dedicated hosting servers, you don’t have that kind of problems because you are not sharing the space with anyone. Of course, it can still happen to you that you get a malicious file into your server, but it will be your fault. Some dedicated hosting servers offer even some additional security measures for people that are dealing with very sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Therefore overall, the dedicated servers are the better option for performance and safety. However, they are a little bit more expensive.


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