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Common Web Hosting Mistakes

When people are searching for web hosting provider, they usually never do a thorough research about the provider that they are deciding to use. Especially for the first time, all that they care about is to get their website onto the internet as fast as they can. That’s when problems and mistakes happen, those mistakes can be very serious and cause some very bad problems. We have done the hard part of the job and gathered information about the most common web hosting mistakes so you can avoid them.

Falling for the Price

Post5aThis is the most common mistake by far that people do all the time and that is happening because people are always searching for ways to save as much money as they can. Therefore, they see a free web hosting service and they fell for it, they don’t even research it, just start using it without any information or knowledge about it. The problem with free web hosting services is that they provide a very limited number of features that are in most cases not enough for the majority of people. Post5bThey offer very little disk space and little bandwidth, also you are sharing the servers with more than one person, therefore the security is also very low. Some of the free web hosting providers also force their clients to place advertisements on their websites without making any profit.

That’s why you should never rush an important thing as the selection of web hosting provider because you might end up with a bad provider that has almost no good features for you. If you want to have a good and successful website with a lot of traffic, then you should invest in the provider and use either shared hosting or dedicated hosting services.

Having Everything in One Place

Post5cPeople that have more than one website, sometimes decide to transfer both websites onto one server and share the space. That will still be a dedicated hosting server because both of the websites are belonging to one person. However, that is not meaning that this is a good choice especially if you are generating income from the websites. The income can get mixed up and that is something that you don’t want to deal with.  More importantly, if the server breaks down, both of the websites will go down and you will have no functioning website until the server is fixed. You wouldn’t have that problem if you have two separate hosting servers because there is a low chance that both servers will go down at the same time.

Post5dRelying on Host Backups

You should never trust your web hosting provider to have your backup of the website at all times because there can be situations where you might lose all your files permanently. We strongly recommend that you have your own website backup for just in case, you should make the backup at least every day, that way even if you lose something, it will be for one day.