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The Best Type of Web Hosting

Probably the most important decision that you have to make when you are creating your website is what type of web hosting will you be using. That is an important decision because that will define some of the characteristics and features that your website will have and of course, it will determine the price you will need to pay monthly for that hosting service. However, some web hosting services offer better and more features if you are paying for a longer period of time like one or two years.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Post4aNowadays, technology has developed a lot and it is still constantly developing and bringing us new and better options for everything. It is the same with the hosting services, there are several types from which you can choose from, and each of them is different. Some of them are barely used because they are outdated and there are far better options for the same or similar price. Here are just some of the hosting options that are available now for everyone.

Post4bFree Web Hosting

This web hosting service has a lot of bad things that are not good for everyone, however, this type is offering something special that not one other hosting type is offering and that is free use. Yes, you heard it right, the web hosting service is free, anybody can create their website and put it on the internet through these hosting services for completely free. Unfortunately, as mentioned before there are a couple of downsides of free web hosting services that make this hosting type the not so favorite one.  The downside of this type is that the features you have available are limited and there are not many things available for you. Usually, the storage space is too small and the bandwidth too.

Shared Hosting

Post4cThis type of hosting service is quite simple to understand, you can guess it from its name it is a hosting service that offers disk space for more than one client. That means that you will be sharing the storage space with some other website. The good thing about this hosting type is that is more secure than the free one and you can choose how much space you require. However, the downside is that if the other websites do something bad that will affect their website, you will be affected also. If they crash the server somehow, your website will go down also.

Dedicated Hosting

This is most likely the best hosting option that you can find and for many reasons. Post4dEverything except the price of this hosting type is far better than any other type. The dedicated hosting servers offer each individual his own server that will be dedicated only to him. That means that only one website will be located on that server and other servers cannot affect this one. The security levels are usually much higher than on other types and more importantly you have the option to customize the server to fit your requirements.