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Common Web Hosting Mistakes

When people are searching for web hosting provider, they usually never do a thorough research about the provider that they are deciding to use. Especially for the first time, all that they care about is to get their website onto the internet as fast as they can. That’s when problems and mistakes happen, those mistakes can be very serious and cause some very bad problems. We have done the hard part of the job and gathered information about the most common web hosting mistakes so you can avoid them.

Falling for the Price

Post5aThis is the most common mistake by far that people do all the time and that is happening because people are always searching for ways to save as much money as they can. Therefore, they see a free web hosting service and they fell for it, they don’t even research it, just start using it without any information or knowledge about it. The problem with free web hosting services is that they provide a very limited number of features that are in most cases not enough for the majority of people. Post5bThey offer very little disk space and little bandwidth, also you are sharing the servers with more than one person, therefore the security is also very low. Some of the free web hosting providers also force their clients to place advertisements on their websites without making any profit.

That’s why you should never rush an important thing as the selection of web hosting provider because you might end up with a bad provider that has almost no good features for you. If you want to have a good and successful website with a lot of traffic, then you should invest in the provider and use either shared hosting or dedicated hosting services.

Having Everything in One Place

Post5cPeople that have more than one website, sometimes decide to transfer both websites onto one server and share the space. That will still be a dedicated hosting server because both of the websites are belonging to one person. However, that is not meaning that this is a good choice especially if you are generating income from the websites. The income can get mixed up and that is something that you don’t want to deal with.  More importantly, if the server breaks down, both of the websites will go down and you will have no functioning website until the server is fixed. You wouldn’t have that problem if you have two separate hosting servers because there is a low chance that both servers will go down at the same time.

Post5dRelying on Host Backups

You should never trust your web hosting provider to have your backup of the website at all times because there can be situations where you might lose all your files permanently. We strongly recommend that you have your own website backup for just in case, you should make the backup at least every day, that way even if you lose something, it will be for one day.



The Best Type of Web Hosting

Probably the most important decision that you have to make when you are creating your website is what type of web hosting will you be using. That is an important decision because that will define some of the characteristics and features that your website will have and of course, it will determine the price you will need to pay monthly for that hosting service. However, some web hosting services offer better and more features if you are paying for a longer period of time like one or two years.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Post4aNowadays, technology has developed a lot and it is still constantly developing and bringing us new and better options for everything. It is the same with the hosting services, there are several types from which you can choose from, and each of them is different. Some of them are barely used because they are outdated and there are far better options for the same or similar price. Here are just some of the hosting options that are available now for everyone.

Post4bFree Web Hosting

This web hosting service has a lot of bad things that are not good for everyone, however, this type is offering something special that not one other hosting type is offering and that is free use. Yes, you heard it right, the web hosting service is free, anybody can create their website and put it on the internet through these hosting services for completely free. Unfortunately, as mentioned before there are a couple of downsides of free web hosting services that make this hosting type the not so favorite one.  The downside of this type is that the features you have available are limited and there are not many things available for you. Usually, the storage space is too small and the bandwidth too.

Shared Hosting

Post4cThis type of hosting service is quite simple to understand, you can guess it from its name it is a hosting service that offers disk space for more than one client. That means that you will be sharing the storage space with some other website. The good thing about this hosting type is that is more secure than the free one and you can choose how much space you require. However, the downside is that if the other websites do something bad that will affect their website, you will be affected also. If they crash the server somehow, your website will go down also.

Dedicated Hosting

This is most likely the best hosting option that you can find and for many reasons. Post4dEverything except the price of this hosting type is far better than any other type. The dedicated hosting servers offer each individual his own server that will be dedicated only to him. That means that only one website will be located on that server and other servers cannot affect this one. The security levels are usually much higher than on other types and more importantly you have the option to customize the server to fit your requirements.



Basic Features of Free Web Hosting

When you are looking for a web hosting service for your website, you will find that there are some hosting services that provide their services for free. Of course, those hosting services cannot be compared to the services of a regular hosting company that is charging you monthly. That is because you simply don’t have that many features available for you to use and the features that you are given are limited and you must use them carefully.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Post3aDisk space is the storage space that is available for you to use and upload your content on. Every web hosting service is usually distinguished depending on the amount of disk space that is available for you. On this space that the provider is giving you, you can store your files of the actual website, all the text, various images and other things that you might have on your website.

Bandwidth is representing a number of people that are allowed to enter and leave your website. Entering the website is simple when someone types in the name of your website and visit it. The left part is referring to the each time the visitor on your site receives something from the site such as opening a picture, listening to some songs or downloading a file that you have uploaded on the website. Post3bThat is one reason why free web hosting services are not the best choice for people that have a lot of graphical content on their website because you have a limited usually very little bandwidth that is simply not enough for the majority of websites.

Uptime and Customer Support

When you are searching for a good hosting service, then you should always look for ones that offer more uptime. As you might know, there is no such thing as guaranteed all time uptime. You just cannot control things such as power outages. When things like that happen, the servers will shut down and your website will not be available until the power is back. However, there are some hosting services that offer uptime even when there is a power outage, but they are really expensive, you will not find that in a free hosting service.Post3c

Customer support is also some feature that you need to have with your hosting provider because if something happens or you bump into an issue, they have to be there for you to explain or maybe fix that issue you are having.



Changing Web Hosting Service Provider

One of the most asked questions that people have when coming to us is how to change the web hosting provider and is that even possible. The answer is really simple, yes, the change of web hosting provider is possible and sometimes it is even free. Depending on the hosting service that you are trying to move to, they can usually change your provider for free.

The process

Post2aThe process of changing providers is a little bit more complicated, but if you are working with people that know what are they doing, then you have nothing to worry about. When you are changing the provider for the web host, you shouldn’t experience any change in the structure of your website. Everything should and must look exactly the same, all the functions should work just as before on the previous provider. If you realize that something is not like it used to be or some feature isn’t working, then you should contact the provider and ask him to fix it because it is usually their fault. However, there are almost never any problems with transferring to another web hosting service provider, the process is done very fast. You can experience some changes if you have downgraded or upgraded your hosting service features, such as the bandwidth or storage space.

Post2bMistakes to Avoid

When changing web hosting providers, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid making because some of them can have serious consequences. The problem is that people never think about these mistakes, they hope that there is nothing to be worried about and that there could be no issues along the way. However, that is not true because a lot of things can go wrong such as losing of crucial files, images or even text. The loss of files can happen when you are downgrading your hosting provider, that means that you are going from a bigger provider to a smaller one that doesn’t offer the equal number of features to you. For example, you can change the provider from one that offers you unlimited storage space to one that offers only 200 GB of storage and if you are having more than 200 GB of files, then you will lose some of them.